This is a sample page from the ARCS. It’s the longest entry of a single noun.



HEADWORD: system (for/ of) n.


VERB/NOUN: access, activate, be (under), beat, be based on, be recognized as, boot up, build, depend on, deploy, describe, destroy, design, develop, have, hook into, influence, introduce, meet, propose, protect, provide for, put in, reboot;  


VERB/NOUN: access/ accident avoidance/ accounting/ accounting information/ accounts payable/ accreditation/ actual cost/ adaptive/ adaptive control/ address/ address selecting/ adequate heating/ administration/ administrative/ adoption/ adsorption‑type refrigeration/ advanced radar traffic control/ aerial/ agency/ agent/ agreement/ agricultural/ aid/ air‑conditioning/ aircraft arresting/ air defence/ airborne warning and control/ alarm/ air filtration/ air‑handling/ airport/ airport charging/ air shower/ air traffic/ air traffic management/  air‑treatment/ alarm/ alert/ allocation/ allowance/ alloy/ alternative/ amplifying/ analysis/ ancillary/ animal health/ animal identification/ animal passport/ antenna/ antenna tracking/ anti‑ballistic missile/ antimissile/ anti‑lock braking/ anti‑missile defense/ anti‑theft/ antilock brake/ apartheid/ application/ appraisal/ apprentice/ approach flash lighting/ approval/ archiving/ arrangement/ assessment/ assets accounting/ assistance/ asylum/ asylum management/ atmospheric relief/ attack/ attention/ auction/ audio conference/ audit/ authoring/ authoritarian political/ automated typesetting/ automatic control/ automatic controlling and regulating/ automatic debit transfer/ automatic guided vehicle/ automatic startup/ autonomic nervous/ autonomous/ auxiliary warning/ averaging/ aviation/ axial/ back‑panel/ backup/ baggage handling/ ballistic missile defense/ balloon gondola/ banana import/ bank/ bank card/ banking/ barter/ baseline/ basic/ basic input‑output/ battery cage/ battery/ battery ignition/ behavioral/ behaviour of the/ belief/ bell/ bicameral/ biliary/ binary/ binary star/ binder/ bio‑trickling/ bi‑processor/ block/ blow‑off/ body/ boiler circulatory/ boiler low‑load circulation/ boiler recirculation/ bonus/ booking/ border protection/ border surveillance/ boundary layer control/ box/ brake/ brake assistance/ braking/ branch information/ break with the/ breathing/ breeding/ bronchial/ buddy/ budgetary/ bugging/ building/ building drainage/ building information/ building services management/ bureaucratic/ burner management/ burrow/ bus/ busbar trunking/ business/ by‑pass/ cables/ call tracking/ camera/ campsite/ canal/ capacity of the/ capillary/ capital/ capitalist/ capital cover/ capping/ capture/ car control/ cardiovascular/ card/ card security/ care/ car electrical/ career/ cartel/ cascade/ case handling/ case management/ caste/ catalyst/ catheter/ catheter infusion/ cattle identification/ cave/ ceiling with integrated cooling/ cell communication/ central/ central building control / central fire alarm/ central nervous/ certification/ chamber/ change in the/ charging/ chemical/ chequer‑board/ child restraint/ chilled ceiling/ cigarette distribution/ circuit/ circuit switching/ circulatory/ civil aviation/ civil justice/ civilian/ clan/ class/ classification/ clearcut/ clearing/ climate/ climate protection/ clock/ closed/ closed water/ cluster/ coding/ coagulation/ coal injection/ coating/ code/ cogeneration/ collateral management/ collection/ collective/ collegial/ collision/ collision alert/ collision avoidance/ colonial/ colour/ colour management/ combat/ command & control information/ command/ committee/ communication/ communication and information/ communist/ compact/ compensation/ competition/ competitive/ compliance/ component/ compulsory/ computer/ computer data logging/ computer reservation/ conciliation/ condensate/ cone/ conference/ connection to supply/ consent/ constitutional/ consultation/ consumer/ consumer protection/ content management/ contact/ content‑mangement/ continental/ continuous‑flow/ contributions management/ control/ control and feedback control/ controlled/ convergence/ cooling/ cooperation/ coordinate/ coordination/ Copernican/ copyright/ core/ correctional/ cost/ counting/ court/ craft‑production/ crane/ crawling‑peg/ credit/ credit card/ criminal justice/ crisis in the/ crisis response/ critic of the/ crystal/ crystallographic/ cultivation/ currency/ customer tracking/ customs/ cutting/ damping/ data/ data acquisition/ database/ database management/ data collection/ data extraction/ data‑handling/ data integration/ data management/ data‑processing/ data protection/ data sharing/ data storage/ dealing/ decentralisation/ decimal/ decoupling/ defence/ defensive/ deferred payment/ deflection/ delivery/ demarcation/ deposit/ derivatives trading/ detection/ detector/ developing/ diagnosis/ dial/ dial‑back/ dialling/ dialogue/ dialysis/ diesel injection/ digestive/ digital measurement data processing/ digital television/ digitisation/ dike/ direct debiting/ direct payments/ direct tax/ direct taxation/ direct‑firing/ disease of the circulatory/ disease of the digestive/ disease of the nervous/ disease of the respiratory/ disease surveillance/ disk‑operating/ disorganized fling / disposal/ dispute settlement/ distributed control/ distribution/ document management/ documentation/ dollar reserve/ domain name/ donation/ donor/ donor identification/ dopamine/ dopaminergic/ dosing/ double circuit/ double retention/ drainage/ drive/ drive line/ driver assistance/ driverless transport/ driving/ driving assistance/ driving school/ dual/ dual hospital finance/ dual‑line braking/ dual‑processor/ ducted air/ duodecimal/ dust extraction/ dynamic/ early warning/ earth/ eco/ ecological/ economic/ education/ educational/ election/ electoral/ electricity/ electron/ electronic/ electron optical viewing/ elevator/ elite/ emergency/ emergency call/ emergency power/ emission/ emission control/ emissions trading/ employment/ employment security/ emulation/ encryption/ endocrine/ energetic recovery/ energy/ energy billing/ energy distribution/ energy infrastructure/ energy management/ energy security/ energy supply/ energy taxation/ energy transit/ engine cooling/ environmental/ environmental labelling/ environmental management/ environmental protection/ enzyme/ error‑tolerant/ espionage/ ethyl/ euro/ euro payment/ European Monetary/ evaluation/ evolutionary/ examination/ exchange/ exchange rate/ excretory/ exemption/ exhaust/ exhaust after‑treatment/ exhaust‑air/ exhaust air decontamination/ exhaust control/ exhaust extraction/ exhaust gas/ exhaust purification/ expenditure/ experimental/ expert/ export refund/ exposure/ external tooth/ extinguishing/ extraction/ extradition/ faction/ factory/ factory master control/ fair trade/ fallback/ fault‑tolerant/ fear/ federal/ Federal Reserve/ feed/ feeding/ feudal/ fibre‑optic/ fibrin adhesion/ file/ filing/ financial / fining/ fire alarm/ fire control/ fire‑extinguishing/ fire protection/ firewall/ first‑past‑the‑post/ fiscal/ fisheries/ flat‑rate payment/ flexibility/ flextime/ flight control/ flow/ flow channel/ flue gas/ fly ash reinjection/ fold/ follow‑up/ food/ forced lube oil/ forced lubrication/ forecasting/ four‑wheel braking/ fracture/ frame‑based inheritance/ framework/ franchise/ fraud prevention/ free programmed control/ frontal/ frontal protection/ full ring/ full text data base/ further education/ fusion power/ game/ gas/ gas distribution/ gas pipeline/ gas transit/ gas transport/ gating/ gender/ general positioning/ genito‑urinary/ gene transfer/ geodetic reference/ geographical information/ giro/ glass/ grants/ grazing/ green card/ grid/ grinding/ groin/ ground water information/ group/ guidance/ guide girder/ guild/ governmental/ guidance/ half‑income/ halo/ halon/ halon extinguishing/ handling of technical/ hands‑free speaking/ heating/ health/ healthcare/ heart circulation/ heating/ heating control/ heating surface cleaning/ heliocentric/ helper/ hepatic/ hierarchical/ hi‑fi/ high‑fidelity/ high‑pressure/ high‑speed rail/ high vacuum welding/ highway/ hip screw/ home/ home automation/ honour/ host/ host operating/ hotel phone/ household registration/ human rights/ hybrid labelling/ hydraulic/ hydraulic circulating/ hydraulic control/ identification/ idle fuel/ ignition/ image/ image analysis/ image recognition/ immigration/ immobiliser/ immune/ imperfection in the/ implant/ implementation/ imports/ incentive/ incubation/ indication/ indicator/ inertial/ inflammatory/ inflectional/ informatics/ information/ information management/ infotainment/ infrastructure/ infusion/ inheritance/ in‑house/ injection/ injection pump/ injector/ injustice/ in‑line/ innovation/ input‑output/ insider/ installment/ instrument landing/ insulin pump/ insurance/ intake/ integrated administration and control/ integrated district heating/ integrated grid/ integrated management/ integration/ interception/ intercom/ intercommunication/ interest subsidy/ internalisation/ internal control/ international financial/ international monetary/ interpretation/ invasion/ inventory/ inventory control/ investigation/ ion pulse implantation/ irrigation/ island/ joint/ judicial/ jury/ justice/ knockout/ knowledge/ knowledge‑based/ knowledge management/ labelling/ laborartory‑scale filling/ ladder rack cable support/ lake/ land tenure/ language/ laser/ laser engraving/ laser weapon/ launching/ law/ layer/ leakage detection/ legacy/ legal/ lens/ levy/ library/ licence/ life/ life‑support/ lift/ lifting/ light‑optical viewing/ lighting/ lightning protection/ linearized/ linear positioning/ linked transport/ liquid waste processing/ list/ load unit conveyor/ locomotor/ longwall working/ lottery/ loudspeaker/ low‑pressure/ loyalty to the/ lubrication/ lymphatic/ mains/ mainstream/ maintenance/ major/ majority/ majority party/ majority voting/ make‑up air/ management/ management information/ manorial/ manipulator/ manufacturing/ mapping/ marketing/ market/ market management/ material flow/ material handling/ material production/ mating/ matrix/ measurement/ measuring/ meat inspection/ mechanical/ mechatronics/ membrane/ mentor/ merchandise planning and control/ merit/ message/ metabolic activating/ metadata management/ metric/ microcomputer/ microphone/ microprocessor development/ microwave/ midi/ migration/ military/ milk quota/ milking/ Milky Way/ minimum reserve/ mining/ minority/ minority protection/ mirror/ missile/ missile defense/ mobile communication/ mobile telephone/ mobility/ model/ modular/ modular construction/ monaural/ monetary/ money/ monitoring/ monopoly/ monthly tax payment/ mortgage/ motorway/ mountain/ multi‑access/ multi‑agent/ multi‑body/ multi‑component/ multi‑media/ multi‑party/ multiplier/ multi‑position/ multi‑processor/ multi‑station/ multi‑user/ muscular/ nervous/ New Technology Transfer/ body/ multi‑component/ multi‑media/ multi‑party/ multiplier/ multi‑position/ multion‑cash payment/ muscular/ musculo‑skeletal/ natural/ navigation/ navigation satellite/ needle protection/ nervous/ net settlement/ netting/ network file/ network infrastructure/ network management/ neurotransmitter/ noise control/ nonlinear/ notational/ notification/ number/ numbering/ numerative/ object recognition/ object‑oriented data base/ obligatory/ observation/ observer/ occurrence reporting/ octal numeral/ ombudsman/ one‑party/ one‑way/ online monitoring/ operating/ operational/ opiate/ optical signalling/ optical transmission/ optimization/ organ/ organ transplantation/ organisational/ origin/ oscillator/ overall/ overhead monorail/ oxygen/ pain/ parallel/ parity/ park/ park‑andride/ parliamentary/ partial vacuum welding/ participant in the/ participation/ particle/ party/ passport/ patent/ patent court/ patenting/ patient card/ patronage/ pay‑as‑you‑earn tax/ PAYE/ payment/ payment balance/ payment card/ peace/ peat bog/ penal/ penalty/ penalty point/ penitentiary/ pension/ pension adjustment/ pension fund/ pension insurance/ perceptual/ performance appraisal/ performance management/ performance measurement/ periodic/ petition/ philosophical/ phone/ photo‑voltaic/ phylogenetic/ pictographic writing/ pigging/ pillar/ pilot/ pilot alert/ pipe/ pipeline/ pixel/ planetary/ planning/ plasma/ player transfer/ pleasure/ pneumatic dispatch/ pneumatic spring/ point‑ofsale/ points/ political/ polymer/ port/ portal/ POS/ positioning/ postal/ power supply/ preparation/ presidency/ presidential/ pressure/ pressure monitoring/ prevention/ price/ price monitoring/ price quotation/ price reporting/ price stabilisation/ primary/ primary radar/ printed circuit board design/ prison/ private pension/ process control/ process exhaust/ process monitoring/ processing/ procurement/ procurement management/ product liability/ production/ production planning/ production quota/ profit/ program development/ programme evaluation/ programming/ promotion/ propagation/ property/ proportional representation election/ proposal/ propulsion/ prospectus/ prostaglandin/ protection/ protectionist/ protective/ Ptolemaic/ public‑address/ pump/ pumping/ purchasing/ purification/ pyramid/ qualifications/ quality assurance/ quality labelling/ quality management/ quality monitoring/ query processing/ query‑reply/ quota/ quota management/ quota trading/ quota transfer/ radar/ radar control and reporting/ radial line/ radio/ radio data/ radio‑telephone/ rail/ railroad/ rail transport/ railway/ railway transport/ range/ rapid alert/ rapid transit/ ratification/ rationing/ reaction/ reactive/ reactor cooling/ reading/ read‑out/ real‑time operating/ receptor/ recognition/ recording/ recruitment/ recycling/ redistribution/ redress/ redundant power supply/ reference/ reference price/ referral/ reform of the/ refrigeration supply/ refugee/ refund/ registration/ regulatory/ reinjection/ relational database/ relief control/ remote‑control/ remuneration/ rental/ replacement/ reporting/ representational/ reproduction/ reproductive/ reputation/ research/ reservation/ reserve/ reserver conduit/ resource/ respiratory/ restraint/ restructuring fund/ retention/ retirement/ retrieval/ revenue/ reward/  risk‑adjusted indicator/ risk minimisation/ river/ road/ road transport/ robot/ robotic/ roof/ room/ root/ rotation/ rotational/ route charges/ runtime/ safety/ safety monitoring/ salaries/ sales/ sampling/ sanitary/ satellite/ satellite communications/ satellite monitoring/ satellite navigation/ satellite observation/ satellite reconnaissance/ scaffolding/ scanning/ scholarship/ school/ scissors lifting/ scrapping/ scrubbed exhaust/ sea transport/ sealing/ secondary/ secretion/ security/ security management/  segmentation/ selection/ selection cutting/ selective distribution/ seniority/ sensor/ separation/ sequence control/ service cooling water/ service water/ settlement/ sewage/ sewer/ sewerage/ sexual reproductive/ shadow/ share/ shelterwood/ shielded cable/ shifting/ ship reporting/ shock to one's/ shutdown/ shutdown steam/ shut‑off/ side impact protection/ signalling/ silencing/ silvicultural/ similarity/ simulation/ single‑chamber/ single‑item production/ single‑chamber/ single‑circuit brake/ single‑party/ single‑position/ single‑station/ skeletal/ slaughtering/ slave/ snap‑lock/ snowball sales/ social/ social assistance/ social care/ social insurance/ social protection/ social security/ social service/ social welfare/ socialist/ solar/ spoils/ socialist economic/ software/ soil/ solar/ solar energy/ solvent exhaust/ song/ sound/ space/ space transport/ spatial planning/ speech recognition/ spin/ spring‑mass/ sprinkler/ stabilisation/ stability/ staffing/ stage of development of the sound/ staging/ staircase/ standard/ standard gauging/ standardization/ standards/ star/ startup/ state/ statistics/ steam‑power/ steering/ step switching/ stereo/ stop/ storage/ storm/ strange/ streetcar/ stress/ strip feeding and guiding/ subsidiarity/ subsidy/ success/ suction/ supervision/ supplementary pension/ supply/ support/ surgery/ surveillance/ suspension/ switching/ takeover/ tally/ targeting/ tariff/ tariff preference/ tax/ tax administration/ taxation/ taxonomic/ technology/ teleconferencing/ telephone/ telephone billing/ telephony/ television/ television camera/ tender/ tendering/ ternary/ three‑field/ three‑phase/ three‑way loudspeaker/ ticket/ ticket distribution/ time‑sharing/ toll/ toll collection/ tooth/ torque‑balance/ touch/ traction control/ trading/ traffic/ traffic guidance/ traffic management/ traffic surveillance/ traffic‑control/ trailer brake/ train/ train protection/ training/ tram/ transaction‑driven/ transfer/ transit/ translation/ translation memory/ transmission/ transmission management/ transmission system manager/ transmission network/ transmitter/ transparency/ transplant/ transport/ transportation/ trapping/ transport safety/ treaty monitoring/ trouble ticket/ tsunami early warning/ tube/ tunnel/ turbocharger/ tutorial/ twin/ two‑chamber/ two‑channel signal processor/ two‑party/ tyre‑pressure control/ ultrasonic anti‑theft alarm/ unary numeral/ underground/ unit/ unit construction/ university/ urban/ urban commuter/ urinary/ validation/ valuation/ value/ variable injection pump/ vascular/ vector/ vehicle/ vehicle axis/ vehicle control/ vehicle electrical/ vein/ vendor/ ventilating and air‑conditioning/ ventilation/ ventilation/ verification/ vessel monitoring/ veto/ video/ video home/ video surveillance/ viewing/ village guard/ visualisation/ vocational training/ vortex/ voting/ vowel/ wage/ wage replacement/ warm water/ warning/ waste disposal/ waste heat recovery / waste water/ water/ water‑cooling/ water purification/ water supply/ weakness of a/ weapon/ weather/ weather protection/ weighting/ welfare/ windscreen washer/ wiring/ withdrawals/ world currency/ world market/ writing system;

system administration function/ administrator/ advice/ analysis/ analyst/ application/ architecture/ axis/ barrel/ board/ boundary/ change/ clock/ code/ compatibility/ components/ concept/ configuration/ control/ coordinator/ crash/ definition/ description/ design/ designation/ developer/ deviation/ difference/ dimension/ disk/ disorders/ engineer/ engineering/ error/ failure/  for collecting sewage/ for fixation/ for navigation safety/ for sizing/ generation/ house/ idea/ installation/ integration/ integrity/ interference/ in the future/ kernel/ language/ level/ line/ load/ message retrieval/ menu/ model/ module/ numbering/ of accounting/ of accounts/ of aid/ of alliances/ of animal identification/ of asylum/ of authority/ of belief/ of benchmarking/ of central bank/ of civil protection/ of codes/ of collective agreements/ of communication/ of comparison/ of complaints/ of concepts/ of contributions/ of coordination/ of customs tariffs/ of dependences/ of deterrence/ of discrimination/ of election/ of energy production/ of environmental liability/ of equations/ of estate/ of exploitation/ of export refunds/ of faults/ of favouritism/ of financial control/ of financing/ of forces/ of free trade/ of gas supply/ of governance/ of government/ of health monitoring/ of ideas/ of incentives/ of information exchange/ of informers/ of injustice / of inspections/ of intervention/ of investments/ of jurisdiction/ of justice / of labelling for age/ of laws/ of legal protection/ of market surveillance/ of military courts/ of nature/ of nature protection/ of notation/ of notification/ of oppression/ of ordering/ of organisation/ of packaging/ of participation/ of particles/ of penalties/ of pensions/ of power/ of preferences/ of price intervention/ of priorities/ of procedures/ of project controlling/  of proportional representation/ of rebate/ of reference/ of registration/ of regulation/ of representation/  of rivers and streams/ of rotation/ of rule/ of sanctions/ of services/ of solidarity/ of states/ of supports/ of taxation/ of theories/ of thought/ of thresholds/ of torture/ of travel expenses/ of trial and error/ of tribunals/ of values/ of verification/ of vignettes/ of world trade/ of zones/ operator/ organ/ organ class/ overload/ overload monitoring/ owner/ part/ peripherals/ process control/ program/ programmer/ reliability/ requirements/ residence/ response/ rule/ section/ selection/ shut‑down/ simulation/ software/ solution/ specification/ state/ status/ status panel/ structure/ supplier/ synergy/ test/ theory/ topography/ under investigation/  view;


ADJECTIVE/ADVERB: another, banging, comparable, complex, controlled, corrupt, efficient, elaborate, fail‑safe, flawed, flexible, foolproof, fuzzy, intact, intelligent, interactive, interconnected, local, mature, mixed, modular, molecular, nice, optional, organisational, perfectly good, planned, protective, redundant, rotational, self‑contained, self‑perpetuating, successful, supplementary, transparent, unique, unreconstructed, unwieldy, well‑developed, workable; 


EXAMPLES: under our political system, ...; in this paper a system for canonical and non parallel axes of the cameras for stereo imaging has been designed and built; the proposed model describes the system as a multiple stage counter flow heat exchanger; intraoperative precision in computer‑assisted surgery depends on the characteristics of a navigation system; I have simply proposed another system; the most widely used staging system is based on the pathologic TNM classification; phototransistors can be employed to eliminate any influence on the system to be evaluated; Sweden wants this system to be recognized as a reference method as well; one feasible method for possibly eradicating corruption in public procurement is to introduce a transparent system in the form of an online tender system; they hooked into my system; he is provided with access to an electronic verification system; the company uses a large data base and an intelligent similarity system; this directive should provide for a system of prior authorisation for assumption of costs for hospital care; the aim of the system of protection introduced by those instruments falls within the sphere of the protection of industrial and commercial property;  


SYNONYMS: order, structure, arrangement, organization; method, technique, process, approach, procedure, practice, attack, line, way, modus operandi, means; systematization, orderliness, logic, planning, routine, tightness;


GERMAN: System, Anordnung, zusammengehörige Dinge, der tierische Körper, Organismus, nach Prinzipen geordnetzes Ganzes, zusammengehörige Erkenntnisse, Plan zusammengehöriger Merkmale, Formation, Ordnung, Methode;