This is a sample page from the ARCS 2013


HEADWORD: skin disease (in) n.


VERB/NOUN: be, be attributable to, be caused by, cure, develop, investigate, lead to, occur, proliferate, spread, suffer from, treat;


ADJECTIVE/ADVERB: chronically inflammatory, common, genetic, infectious, inflammatory, light‑induced, lumpy, parasitic, particular, secondary, serious, severe, simple, superficial;


EXAMPLES: a study in Denmark investigated the size of the work‑related proportion of various illness groups, and reached the conclusion that half of all cases of skin disease are attributable to the workplace; a very common skin disease is neurodermatitis, which often affects children: up to 12% of children of preschool age suffer from it;


SYNONYMS:[ disease of the skin, skin disorader; acantholysis, acanthosis, acanthosis nigricans, keratosis nigricans, acne, dermatosis, eczema, erythroderma, furunculosis, impetigo, jungle rot, keratodermia, keratonosis, keratosis, leukoderma, lichen, livedo, lupus, melanosis, molluscum, necrobiosis lipoidica diabeticorum, pemphigus, prurigo, psoriasis, rhagades, rosacea, Saint Anthony's fire, seborrhea, tinea pedis, vitiligo, xanthoma, xanthosis;  


GERMAN: Hautkrankheit, Hauterkrankung, Dermatose;