This is a file from the ARCS 2013



HEADWORD: plastic paradox n.


VERB/NOUN: address, appear, be, be confronted with, be subject to, confront with, describe, explain, express, face, get around, have, highlight, include, lead to, perceive, point out, pursue, represent, resolve, result in, turn out;


ADJECTIVE/ADVERB: apparent, so‑called;


EXAMPLES: the plastic paradox is that the same neuroplastic properties that allow us to change our brains and produce flexible behaviours can also allow us to produce more rigid ones; the culturally modified brain is subject to the plastic paradox which can make us either flexible or more rigid;


SYNONYMS: puzzling inconsistency of neuronal plasticity;


GERMAN: plastische Paradoxie; scheinbare Widersinnigkeit bei der Plastizitšt des Gehirns;