This is a sample page from the ARCS 2013



HEADWORD: personal identity n.


VERB/NOUN: affect, be, be connected with, challenge, consist of, constitute, develop, discuss, exist, influence, make up, protect, speak about, threaten, turn against;




EXAMPLES: a fertilized human egg  is not a thing, but forms part of humankind, and its personal identity exists from the moment of fertilization, in other words as from conception; the long‑term consequences of more brain knowledge  threaten your personal identity; the first part deals with the threat to our personal identity of different modifications of the brain;  


SYNONYMS: personality, personhood, individual genetic code; particularity, individuality, singularity, individual identity, characteristics;  


GERMAN: persönliche/ personale/ ganz eigene/ unverwechselbare/ einmalige Identität;