This is a file from the ARCS 2013


HEADWORD: neuronal stem cell n.


VERB/NOUN: be, become, be described as, be overlooked/ called, cultivate, differentiate (into), discover, divide, grow, increase, lack, modify, produce, regenerate, search for, specialize, stain, transplant, treat with, turn into;


ADJECTIVE/ADVERB: active, dormant, cultured, embryonic, inactive, organospecific, single, so‑called, undifferentiated;


EXAMPLES: they are called "neuronal" stem cells because they can divide and differentiate to become neurons or glial cells, which support neurons in the brain; Gage and others are working on treatments that might activate dormant stem cells with drugs; Wiestler focused primarily on neuronal stem cell research; n line with our results, studies by other groups suggest that CD95 activates neuronal stem cells;


SYNONYMS: baby cell of the brain, neural stem cell;


GERMAN: neuronale Stammzelle, neuronale Hirnstammzelle;