This a sample page from the ARCS 2014


HEADWORD: matter (for/ of) n

 VERB/NOUN: add, adhere to, admire, adopt, advocate as, affect, afford, allow, argue, arrange, arrive at, ask about, attract, be (with), be vanquished by, bind, bother about, bring about, broach, clear (away/up), coincide with, come across, complicate, concentrate on, confer, consist of, consult about, correspond, count, deal with, describe, deliver, devote to, digress from, direct towards, discuss, disclose, dispute, disseminate, drop, give thought, hear (about/ from), confuse with, connect with, consider, constitute, end up, enquire about, exist, group under, happen, hover over, impose on, know about, place, present, pursue, put, raise, relate, reveal, settle, simplify, straighten out, suspend, sweep aside, take up, think about, to not mince, treat;

VERB/NOUN: astral/ blood/ brain/ business/ cerebral/ civil/ commercial/ criminal/ confidential/ dark/ disciplinary/ doctrinal/ economic/ emotional/ environmental/ eternal/ extraneous/ front/ global/ grey/ final/ financial/ foreign/ historical/ ideological/ laughing/ ledge/ legal/ matrimonial/ money/ organic/ particulate/ petty little/ postal/ printed/ private/ quite a different/ reading/ routine/ secret/ small/ subject/ vaccine/ vegetable/ vein/ vital/ white/ waste matter; matter of civil court/ conjecture/ conscience/ course/ discretion/ dispute/ conjecture/ fact/ feeling/ form/ good taste/ great concern/ honour/ life and death/ luck/ minutes/ opinion/ principle/ routine/ taste/ the utmost urgency/ urgency/ wave;  

ADJECTIVE/ADVERB: appropriate, architectural, cold, common, complicated, controversial, degenerate, descriptive, different, difficult, direct, discerning, dormant, down‑to‑earth, dry, dubious, easy, exact, foreign, foul, gaseous, grave, honest, important, indefinite, inert, inflammable, inorganic, liquid, minor, no easy, nonliving, organic, pending, petty, petty little, pressing, private, procedural, same, scholarly, serious, small, solid, spiritual, trifling, trivial, vital, volatile, weighty; 

EXAMPLES: what's the matter?; it's no easy matter to sell a house in Celle; it's no easy matter finding a house in Meppen;  being accused of manslaughter is no laughing matter; this is a matter of grave importance; Helga knows almost nothing in matters of finance; the fact of the matter is that ...; no matter; for that matter, ...; this order is a matter of a few minutes; selling our house in Celle is a matter of some urgency but not a matter of life and death; what's the matter with you?; the concentration of PPIX is significantly lower in white matter than in cortex and tumour; in most cases the substrate addition enhanced the mineralisation of organic matter; on the substance of the matter we are further away than we were a couple of years ago; I would like to raise an issue that goes to the heart of the matter; this is a matter of substance; there is another aspect which affects the substance of the matter we are discussing, and that is ...; I should like to know what your approach is to the matter; this is no laughing matter; in what matter?;  mind was vanquished by matter; hopefully, however, it will not have an effect on the matter in hand; I will follow the matter up as you request; the matter is closed; chemical bonds are what make matter matter; the matter seems obvious; it is a matter for regret; no matter where; what matter?; as matters stand, ...; it is a matter of habit; in the matter of ...; is anything the matter?;

SYNONYMS: substance, stuff, medium; content, subject matter, argument, substance, sense, thesis; affair, business, situation, proceeding, event, circumstance, happening, episode, occasion, incident, experience; topic, issue, point, question, theme, concern; importance, significance, consequence, import, weight, moment; purulence, discharge, suppuration;

GERMAN: Materie, Stoff, Substanz, Masse, Inhalt, Stoff, Gegenstand des Denkens, Grund, Anlass, Manuskript, Satz, Drucksache, Sache, Angelegenheit, Umstand, Lage;