This is a sample page from the ARCS 2013


HEADWORD: helicopter parents n.


VERB/NOUN: anticipate, avoid, be, become, be known as, be labeled, be obsessed with, circle in for, control, hover over, interfere with, intervene, prioritize, rant about, ruin, smother, stir up;


ADJECTIVE/ADVERB: child‑centered, over‑involved, over‑protective, so‑called;


EXAMPLES: helicopter parents is a description of parents who hover over their children and become too involved in their lives, including interfering in college or career decisions later in life; helicopter parents are circling in for a landing in the top position; helicopter parents are even targeting university professors; there's no way this helicopter parenting trend can last;


SYNONYMS: helicopter parenting insanity, attachment parenting, child‑centered parenting, obsessively protective parents, overparenting,  snowplow/ helicopter/ hothouse parenting;


GERMAN: Helikopter‑Eltern, Hubschraubereltern, überhütende/ überfürsorgliche/ übervorsichtige Eltern;