This is a sample page from the ARCS 2013


HEADWORD: disease (of)   n.  


VERB/NOUN:  affect, be, be affected by/with, be caused by, be characterized by, be due to, be ignorant about, be involved, be not appreciable, be recognised as, bring under control, carry, come down with, contract, cure, develop, dread, eradicate, fight against, lead to, prevent, spread, stamp out, start, suffer from, treat, trigger, wipe out;      


VERB/NOUN: Addison's/ Alzheimer's/ blood/brain/ caisson/ coronary artery/ foot‑and‑mouth/ heart/ Hodgkin’s/ inflammatory bowel/ Legionnaire's/ lung/ Newcastle/ orphan/ Parkinson/ skin/ mall vessel/ society/ liver;  


ADJECTIVE/ADVERB: acquired, acute, autoimmune thyroid, cardiovascular, celiac, chronic, chronic obstructive, common, congenital, contagious, cytomegalic, deadly, degenerative, digestive, fatal,  epidemic, graft‑versus‑host, incurable, infectious, lifestyle‑related, lingering, mental, mild, neurological, new, neglected, occupational, protracted, pulmonary, rare, serious, social, sexually‑transmitted, so‑called, specific, stable, terminal, tropical, underlying, untreatable, venereal;


EXAMPLES: to bring a disease under control; the outbreak of a disease; many/ some diseases are caused by bacteria; the conference proposed that future research projects should investigate for example which factors trigger celiac disease at an existing genetic predisposition; biomarkers also have the potential to contribute to the prevention of diseases; in this study programme it was finally possible to find answers about the disease and soon after to provide a solution;   


SYNONYMS: illness, sickness, affliction, ailment, complaint, condition, disorder, evil, harm, ill, infirmity, malady; scourge, plague, bane, curse, evil, misfortune, pestilence;   


GERMAN: Krankheit, Erkrankung, Übel, Seuche;