This is a sample page from the ARCS.



HEADWORD: complaint (about/ against/ on behalf of/ to)  n.


VERB/NOUN:  be, be involved in, cancel, concern, deal with, drop, echo, examine, get, give cause for, file (about), follow, lodge against, lay against, make, register, result in, sign, submit;


VERB/NOUN:   back/ bilious/ cassation/ chief/ citizen/ culture of/ customer/ duration of/ electoral/ environmental/ formal/ heads of/ hip/ leg/ letter of  formal/ list of/ liver/ noise/ onset of/ pelvic/ reason for/ register of/ shoulder/ system of/ trade/ urinary/ vascular/ women's/ women's physical/ written complaint;

complaint department/ disorder/ form/ handling/ mechanism/ of old age/ picture/ procedure/ rate/ stage; 


ADJECTIVE/ADVERB: clear, common, easy,  familiar, frequent, individual, legitimate, minor, main, usual, radical, (very) rare, reasonable, small, sole;


EXAMPLES:  when there is a clear complaint or information the Commission contacts the organizers and the company concerned; that is a request andcomplaint that consumers are always making; every complaint must be made in writing;  to have no real grounds for complaint; to turn out to be complaint; to make a formal complaint about to s.o.;  to lay/ lodge a complaint against s.o. with the police; I have no cause for complaint; this was a very rare complaint; it is a very easy complaint to imitate; your complaint is that ...; our complaint about the current situation in Italy would have been, and indeed is, much more radical; following a complaint to the Committee on Petitions regarding the disparity in EU Member States' treatment for people the European Parliament has today called on the Commission to itemise a discussion on the issues raised in this report; if there is a reason for complaint, please ...; this report once again echoes every complaint;  the member state concerned shall examine the complaint; will you sign this complaint?; I bore the whip without complaint; there has not been a single complaint about it; our products give no cause for complaint;  we registered a complaint about the delay; none of his enemies ventured upon complaint or recrimination;  the applicant sets out the following heads of complaint: ...; Ihave lodged a complaint which is yet to be dealt with; there's one small complaint; your complaint is extremely reasonable;


SYNONYMS: affliction, ailment, condition, disease, disorder, evil, harm, ill, illness, infirmity, malady, sickness; grievance, hardship, injury, injustice, wrong; accusation, charge, incrimination, inculpation, indictment;


GERMAN:  Klage, Strafantrag, Beschwerde,  Beschwerdebrief, Beanstandung, Mängelrüge, Reklamation, Krankheit, Beschwerden;