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HEADWORD: person (from) n.


VERB/NOUN: advise, appear in, approve, answer, apply (for/ to), ask (for), be, be affected, be alive, be concerned, contribute, be entitled, carry on one's, die, encourage, fail, get, live, motivate, obtain, persecute, photograph, propose, protect, receive, recommend, say, search (for), share, stick to, suggest, swear, trigger, trust, understand, vote, work;


VERB/NOUN: academic/ aggrieved/ adult/ alcoholic/ apathetic/ apoplectic/ armed/ auditive/ authorized/ average/ bereaved/ blind/ charismatic/ choleric/ coloured/ compulsorily insured/ contact/ crucified/ deformed/ designated/ disabled/ displaced/ domineering/ emotional/ emotionally disturbed/ employed/ engaged/ extraditable/ fair‑haired/ fast/ fat/ female/ first/ foreign/ fraudulent/ gay/ handicapped/ hanged/ haunted/ healthy/ homeless/ hysterical/ disposable/ injured/ interested/ irresolute/ juridical/ legal/ liable/ like‑minded/ limbless/ living/ long‑haired/ lower‑class/ marginal/ mentally ill/ middle‑class/ missing/ mute/ naked/ natural/ noisy/ pale‑faced/ phlegmatic/ plastic/ primitive/ principal/ purposeless/ pushy/ qualified/ quarrelsome/ querulous/ rational/ reference/ regular/ responsible/ retired/ revolting/ rich/ right‑handed/ sanguine/ savage/ secretive/ self‑educated/ self‑employed/ selfish/ self‑opinionated/ senior/ severely disabled/ sexless/ shipwrecked/ single/ slightly‑injured/ small‑minded/ solitary/ starving/ stateless/ sterile/ stigmatized/ stocky/ subnormal/ successful/ swarthy/ swinging/ systematic/ tactile/ tax‑exempt/ taxable/ the first/ the second/ the third/ totally disabled/ town/ treacherous/ tweedy/ unaccompanied/ unaccountable/ unavailable/ unconscious/ unemployable/ unemployed/ unfit/ unharmed/ unhealthy/ uninjured/ unlucky/ unprovided/ unread/ unsettled/ untitled/ untouachble/ untrained/ upper‑class/ vagrant/ very determined/ war‑blind/ well‑oiled/ working person;


ADJECTIVE/ADVERB: able, absent, abusive, academic, accessible, acrimonious, acute, adaptable, addled, adjustable, adventurous, affected, aged, ageless, agile, aging, almighty, ambitious, amicable, amused, another, antiquated, anxious, appealing, approachable, argumentative, artful, artificial, artistic, arty, asexual, asocial, aspirational, awkward, baby‑faced, bandy‑legged, barrel‑shaped, base, battle‑scarred, batty, beastly, bedraggled, bedridden, beery, benighted, bestial, bibulous, blackguardedly, blameless, blameworthy, bland, bloodthirsty, blundering, blustering, boisterous, bony, boozy, bowed, brainless, brave, breezy, bright, brisk, broody, brusque, brutal, bubbly, bungling, buoyant, businesslike, bustling, busy, canny, capable, captious, captive, careless, caring, cerebral, certain, changeable, chaotic, charismatic, charmless, chattering, cheeky, cheerless, chesty, choleric, chunky, churchy, clannish, cleanly, clever, clever‑clever, dubbable, coarse, competitive, complex, confiding, confounded, congenial, conservative, conspicuous, contemplative, contemptuous, contentious, contradictory, contrary, controversial, conventional, convivial, cool, calculating, coordinated, crabbed, cramped, creative, critical, crooked, cunning, curt, cutesy, daring, deaf, dashing, debauched, decisive, deeply religious, defunct, dehydrated, delicate, dense, deprived, deranged, deserving, desolate, despicable, destructive, detached, devious, devout, different, dignified, dilatory, diligent, direct, directionless, dirty, disapproving, discriminating, disgusting, dishevelled, dismal, disorderly, disorganized, disposable, disreputable, dissipated, distant, distinguished, dizzy, doddering, dodgy, dogged, doleful, domestic, domesticated, dominant, doubtful, downcast, dozy, dreadful, dreamy, dressy, drowning, drowsy, drunken, ductile, dud, dusky, dying, eager, earnest, earthy, ebullient, edgy, educated, educationally subnormal, effervesce, efficient, eloquent, elusive, embattled, embittered, eminent, emotionless, employable, engaging, enlightened, enormous, enriched, enterprising, entrenched, envious, equable, equivocal, erotic, erudite, established, esteemed, evidently refined, evil, exact, exacting, exalted, exasperating, exceptional, excitable, expansive, expendable, experienced, explicit, explosive, expressionless, extravagant, extrovert, exuberant, exultant, facile, fair, faithful, familiar, far‑away, far‑sighted, fashionable, fawning, feeble, feminine, ferocious, feverish, fickle, fictitious, fiendish, fiery, fighting, figure‑conscious, finicky, finished, flabby, flattering, fleshy, flexible, flinty, flippant, florid, folksy, forbidding, forceful, formal, formidable, forthcoming, forthright, fortunate, forward‑looking, fossilized, fargile elderly, fine, frank, frantic, fraught, freakish, free, free‑and‑easy, free‑handed, freethinking, fresh, friendly, frightened, frivolous, frostbitten, frosty, frowning, frozen, frugal, funky, funny, furtive, fusty, gallant, galling, gaping, gassy, gawky, generous, genial, genteel, gentle, genuine, ghastly, glacial, glamorous, glib, gloomy, gluttonous, gnarled, go‑getting, good, good‑humoured, good‑looking, good‑tempered, gossipy, gouty, graceful, graceless, gracious, grand, grandiose, great, green, grey, grim, gritty, grizzled, gross, grubby, gruff, guarded, guilty, gutsy, hairy, ham‑fisted, happy, hard, hard‑bitten, hard‑featured, hard‑working, hardy, hare‑brasined, harmless, hateful, healthy, hefty, helpless, higher ranking, horrible, hungry, important, incompetent, intelligent, lank, lusty, natural, nice, obnoxious, ponderous, prosaic, quick‑acting, real‑fun, really splendid, relentless, relevant, reputable, ruffled, same, scary, screwy, seamy, self‑respecting, sinless, sleazy, slight, sober, sour, spacey, sparkling, special, spiky, spineless, spirited, spiritless, spiritual, spivvy, sportly, spotless, sprightly old, spruce, squat, steadfast, steaming, steely, stingy, stodgy, stolid, stout, straight, strange, stressed, strident, stringy, stubby, stuck‑up, studious, stunted, sturdy, stylish, subdued, subhuman, suggestible, sulky, sunny, superficial, supine, sweet, swollen‑headed, taking, talented, talkative, tallish, tame, tanned, tardy, tart, tattered, tawdy, tearful, terrible, thick‑skinned, tranquil, tremendous, tremulous, tricky, trim, trivial, troubled, trustful, trustworthy, turbulent, twitchy, unadventurous, unaffiliated, unambitious, unappealing, unapproachable, unbelievable, unbending, uncharitable, uncongenial, uncorrupted, uncouth, uncultivated, underemployed, undersized, undeserving, undetermined, undignified, undisciplined, undressed, uneconomical, unlightened, unenterprsing, unexceptionable, unfamiliar, unflagging, unflappible, unforthcoming, unfortunate, unfuilfilled, ungrudging, unhappy, unhelpful, unhurried, unimpeachable, unimpressive, uninformative, uninhibited,unintellgible, unkempt, unkind, unknowable, unloving, unmanageable, unmechanical, unmoved, unmusical, unneighbourly, unobjectionable, unobtainable, unoccupied, unorganized, unperturbable, unpleasant, unpopular, unpredictable, unpretentious, unprincipled, unproven, unreasonable, unreasoning, unrecognized, unreflecting, unregretted, unrelenting, unreserved, unresolved, unrhythmic, unsafe, unsatisfied, unscholarly, unscrupulous, unshod, insightly, unsophisticated, unspoiled, unsporting, unstinting, unstrung, unsuccessful, unsuitable, unsupported, unsure, untamed, untaught, unteachable, untested, untraceable, untravelled, untried, untroubled, untrue, untrustworthy, untruthful, unworthy, unyielding, up‑market, upright, urbane, useful, vapid, venal, venturesome, veracious, vindicative, virtuous, visible, vital, vituperative, vivacious, volatile, voracious, wanton, warm, weaker, weedy, weepy, well‑balanced, well‑bred, well‑built, well‑educated, well‑preserved, well‑read, well‑spoken, well‑travelled, westernized, whining, wholesome, wicked, wild‑eyed, wind‑blown, winning, womanly, worldly, worn, worthless, wringing, yielding, yobbish, young, young‑looking, zany/ zippy person;


EXAMPLES: what person?; he's not a person; a hungry person is an angry person; that's a person's life!; he is a person who sticks rigidly to his principles; a person who works has earned his food; when you go into a town or village, ask who is a good person there; the person entitled as aforesaid may require the goods to be delivered to his place; a persecution of the aggrieved person on political grounds can exist if the originally aggrieved person was a member of a group of persons which was discriminated against by the National Socialists; if any portion of the Merger Consideration is to be registered in the name of a person other than the person in whose name the applicable surrendered Certificate or uncertificated Alcon Share is registered, it shall be a condition to the registration thereof that the surrendered Certificate shall be properly endorsed; there was not a person left alive;

SYNONYMS: individual, human beiong, creature, living soul, mortal; character;


GERMAN: Person, individuelles Wesen, Individuum, juristische Person, Mensch, Rolle, Charakter, Kopf, Selbst, Äußeres, Körper;