HEADWORD: water n.

VERBS: add, be (under), be coloured/ filled with, batter, boil, brawl, brush, bubble, chlorinate, clatter, come down, cover with, create, curl, descend, discharge, distil, double, drain from, draw, drench, drip down, evaporate, fall, feel, fill, filter, flow from/ in/ into/ out, fluoridate, flush, freeze, grumble, gush, heat, hold, leak, live in , look like, lose, lower into, make, mix, pass, place in, plunge into, pollute, pour, purify, purl, put in, recede, remove, retain, rise, rumble, run, run on, rush, shatter, signify, sip, soften, spill, splash, split, sprawl, spray, spread, squirt on, sprinkle, stay above, sterilize, swamp, swim in, take, throw about, travel by, trouble, twirl, vaporize, wash in, whirl;

ADJECTIVES: boiling, carbonate, clear, cold, contaminated, deep, distilled, drinking, foul, fresh, hard, heavy, holy, hot, ice, mineral, murky, ooze, polluted, potable, rain, rose, running, safe, salt, salty, sea, shallow, soda, soft, some, stagnant, tepid, tread, warm;

EXAMPLES: water is the origin of all things; to be water under the bridge; your theory doesn´t hold water; after the flood their basement was under water; to travel by water; to keep one´s head above water; to pour cold water on; to throw water about in all directions; to cover with boiling water; to remove the excess water; the form of whiteness in frothy water; the water and the wall of mist were receding; the water became stationary again; retinoic acid is insoluble in water; to be filled with hot water; a river signifies water; a flatworm lives in fresh water; to lower into the water; then it created fire and water; you should pass water as soon as possible; to maintain a good water balance in the body; the British government over the water was a million miles away; I boiled water for my tea; my father plunged into the water fully clothed; he lifted his head clear of the water; to split water into oxygen and hydrogen; to be a sheet of water; the water might rise and swamp you; to cause s.o. to retain water; to make cars that run on water; he started off towards the water; he washed in cold water; to get oneself into deep water; to be of first water; a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then; that excuse/ argument won´t hold water; to spend money like water; to get into/ be in hot water;

SYNONYMS: wetting agent, moisture; sweat, perspiration; urine, pee, pee-pee, wee-wee, piss; fathomage; soda, acid, wet blanket; water-colour, aquarelle, wash drawing; cambric tea;

GERMAN: Wasser, Urin, Güte, Aquarell;

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