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HEADWORD: think (about/ ahead of/ as/ back to/ for/ in/ of/ on/ out/ out of/ over/ through/ to) v.
NOUNS: act, actions, advocates, antecedent events, anthropologists, apostles, argument, aridities, banker, basic body plan, behaviour, best ways, bishop, bit, bloke, boyfriend, British, British Council, British welfare state, calm tranquillity, career, cascade, cells, chapter, child, children, Christians, church fathers, circle, circumstances, classical system, clergy, colour, combination of things, comedian, comedy, comment, commercial television, committee, concept, Conservatives, contemplative life, correspondent, couple, crises, culpability, decision, destination, detached way, development, diet(s), diet attempts, differences, director, distant event, DNA, doctrine, earth, ecclesiastical vestments, engineer, everybody involved, environment, explanations, father, fictions, film, first place, flags, formal system, furore, geneticists, genuine sociologist, geometrical figures, Germans, God, good answer/ name, government, ground(s), horse, ideal way, improvement, influential people, intellectuals, intercourse, judge, jurists, justice, king, law, laws of a country, legend, leisure industry, letter(s), life imprisonment, magician, majority, manager, many people, martyrs, master, material adversity, matter, mechanism, medieval writers, men of affairs, minister, minority, monumental painting, moral knowledge/ pluralism, modern Christians, more modern figure, mother, music, musician, natural phenomena, new routines, no better way, no harmless reason, novel, obedience, odd idea, oneself, one's duties, organisms, organization, outdoor delights, overdose, owner, pagans, pain, painter, parents, part, past, past attempts, patient, pattern, people, person, personality characteristics, philosopher, planets, pneumonia, poems, poet, police, polytheistic cult, Pope, population(s), positive aspects/ factor, practical ways, priest, Prime Minister, primitive man, problem(s), process of deliberation, products, professional football, properties, prosperity, queen, quotation, real essence, realism, relati0n, restoration, result(s), school, science, scientists, separate discreet units, sex, sex in marriage, significance of death, slim people, small fraction, snow's coldness, sociologist, something else, sort(s), soul, sport, statesmen, stigma, stories, strategies, student, subject, symptoms, system, tangible gifts, technicians, television, television narratives, terms, theorists, theory, therapist, time, top sportsmen, traditional type, training, trust, unknown natures/ substances, veneration of evil spirits, vicar, victim, warlike confrontation, waste of time, ways, weight control, Western Europe, woman architect/ part, world, year of study, younger ones;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: adequately, ahead, aloud, always, anxiously, apparently, back, carefully, conceptually, critically, currently, fit, generally, genuinely, gloomily, habitually, happily, hard, however, impiously, indeed, in fact, initially, instead, instinctively, invalid, irrationally, just, liberally, meaningfully, more clearly and coolly, necessarily, never, normally, now, often, only, patiently, presumably, previously, probably, properly, proverbially, purposively, rather dull, rationally, recently, somehow, sometimes, sound, strange, suddenly, systematically, tactfully, then, therefore, truly, unsound, usually, verbally, very carefully, well, widely, wishfully;
EXAMPLES: he should think about his decision and talk it over with me; so what I do is try and think about everybody involved; I tried not to think about it; I didn't think about it; just think about the answers to such questions; he would have to think about what he could do; the more you think about it, the more you realize that …; think about it and you'll see that …; we have to think about it and interpret it; it will give many people something to think about; the construction does not, I think, accomplish this; I don't think anything alters; it may be easier to think around than to think through; you may wish to think carefully about whether you want …; teach the students to think for themselves; he did not think his comment is true for what he has to say; God can make matter think in this world; clearly we must think in terms of …; no, I don't think it does really; I think it fabulous!; do you think it would be an insensitive response?; I think it's damned sporting of you; we have to think more carefully; I always think of it as …; what do you think of that argument?; I can think of no better way to …; I bet I could think of something; he could think of no reason for it at all; I am tempted to think that …; one should not, however, think that …; I think that neither of these views is the whole truth; I don't think that anyone would doubt that …; never think that you …; the point is, I think, that …; I don't think that's going to make much difference; don't think the worse of me; I don't think there is any question about that; I always think they look lovely at the show; think what we may be missing; I don't think you need worry; think a bit more; and he thought about that; a bishop was utterly free to act and think as he thought fit; it might be thought, for example, that …; he had thought for a moment that …; they thought him a genuine socialist; it has been thought impious or somehow improper to study God's creation; thus the Pope thought it better that …; the Coalition had thought it likely to be necessary in peacetime; the driver had never thought of the risk in that particular case; so far we have thought of …; we thought ourselves lucky that …; she thought the role was rather more important than is usually thought; I should have thought that a soon-to-be-deceased settlor is susceptible to giving either involuntary nods or nods to propositions imperfectly understood, or both; it is widely thought that …; the question could be thought to arise of whether they are seeking revenge; this is thought to reflect our evolutionary history; this might be thought to ensure that …; she's thinking about what it would be like to be wealthy; who'd have thought she would be there; you should think over the implications; think before you speak/ act; do animals think?; she acts without thinking; think again!; it makes you think; I need time to think; it's so noisy you can't hear yourself think; it's a good idea, don't you think?; now let me think; I think so (too); I don't think so; I think not; listen, I've been thinking, …; why don't you both think!; sorry, I just wasn't thinking; you just didn't think, did you?; I think I can do it; and what do you think?; I think we'd better go; I think she'll understand; I wasn't even thinking it; what do you think I should do?; well, what do you think, shall we leave now?; do you think you can manage?; you must think me very rude; I wouldn't have thought it possible; I don't know what to think; I can't think what she means; one would think they'd already met; to think that she's only fifteen!; I never thought to ask you; I didn't think to see you here; OK, I'll think about it; what are you thinking about?; it's worth thinking about; I'll give you something to think about; I wasn't thinking about coming to see you; will you think of me sometimes?; I can't think of his name; think of the cost of all that!; she'd never think of such a thing; what do you think of her?; who thought up that idea?;
SYNONYMS: believe, suppose, imagine, expect, surmise, fancy, guess, conjecture; consider, hold, reckon, regard as, presume, assume, estimate; deliberate, contemplate, muse, cerebrate, brood, concentrate, rack one's brain, be lost in thought, be in a brown study; mull over, muse on, reflect on, review, weigh up; think back to, recall, remember, recollect, call to mind; picture, visualize, envisage, dream; have a mind to, consider possible, intend possibly; expect, anticipate; have second thoughts about, reconsider, change one's mind about, decide against; regard as normal/ usual, consider routine, take in one's stride; dream up, come up with, invent, create, concoct, devise;
GERMAN: denken (an), sich Gedanken machen (über), überlegen, nachdenklich sein, glauben, annehmen, sich vorstellen, meinen, erwarten, halten (für), sich denken, sich vorstellen, bedenken, nachdenken (über), vorausdenken, Voraussicht walten lassen, sich zurückversetzen (in), sich ausdenken, ausdenken, auf die Idee kommen/ verfallen, halten (von), (gründlich) durchdenken, eine Meinung bilden (über), auf die Idee kommen;
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