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The Advanced Reader´s Collocation Searcher (ARCS)

HEADWORD: small (as/ for/ in) adj.
VERBS: be, feel, keep, look, seem;
NOUNS: abrasion, ad, additional incentives/ sinks, admixture, aerodrome, aircraft, allowance, alteration, amount(s), animal(s), annual profits, antelope, anterior digits, appetite, area(s), armies, army, arms, attendance, bacteria, gab, bar of chocolate, bedroom, beer, beginnings, biscuit, black coffee, block(s) of wood, blood-vessels, bodies, body, boy(s), bristles, bulge, business, businessman, button(s), cabin, cake, capitals, car, caravan, cat(s), chance, change(s), chance of winning, child, children, church(es), church membership, class(es), clumps, clutch, collection, commissions, community, comparison, consequence, contingent, contribution, cottage, craft shop, crosshatchings, cube, cut, daughter, decline, degree, delicacy, of build, denomination(s), dense clumps, desire, difference(s), domain of danger, dose(s), dot(s), earnings, eater, effect(s), elements, embryo, enclaves, energy input, extent, fallacies, family, feet, field(s), figure, fish, folds of skin, forces, fraction, frame, freezer, fridge, front garden, fry, gains, garden, gastrula, genetic units, germs, glands, group size, group(s), grove, halls, hand, harems, haul, heart, hexagon, hint, holders, hole, hood, hours, house, hunters in packs, importance, increase, indulgence with food, insights, intestine, inward indention, kin group, kitchen, landowner(s), leks, letter, light, linen surplice, local clusters/ communities, look, loss(es), lunch, magazine(s), majority, man, manufactures, margin, marmosets, matters, measure, mind, minority, mistake, modifications, molecule(s), motile gametes, mouth ulcers, moving spot, muscular bags, National Labour, nematode, nodules, number(s), objects, opening, orders, outgrowths, part(s), packet(s), parties, party, passerines, patch, penis, percentage, period of time, perturbati0ns, piece(s), piece of earth/ cake, pigtails, place, plan sketches, pleasures, pool, population, portions, present, price, price-tag, private school, problem(s), proportion, protein, public library, purses, quantity, reason, region, renovations, repertoire, rhythms, rise, risk, role, room(s), rubber ball, sandwich, scale, school, screens, selection, sentence, set(s), side-bets, signal, site(s), sitting-room, size, sketch, snail shells, soft-bodied fruits, son, songbirds, spectator, stadium, stature, step(s), stock, streets, strokes, structures, studies, subsistence producers, sum, superleague, supply, territories, territory, town(s), toy, trader, triumphs, troops, twist of paper, types, ulcers, undramatic way, values, variations, voice, waist, walk, ways, weight(s), woman, wonder, workers, works, wrist, young;
ADVERBS: abnormally, arbitrarily, certainly, exceedingly, extremely, fairly, microscopically, pretty, probably, quite, rather, relatively, too, unusually, usually, vanishingly, very;
EXAMPLES: every breach of law endangers, by however small a degree, the survival of the government; a small aberrant group endangers no one; very small amounts were available; lunch will be fairly small; she was small and frail; small as it was, …; it was more than my small body could withstand; he was only small but he was very wiry; there appear to be many small churches; the other testicle was small due to atrophy; changes should always be small, easy, and enjoyable; do you have large, medium, or small feet?; there is not only a small fixed number of cells, but there is also constancy of many other features; he was small for a swimmer; it is too small for men to perceive; you have a small frame; such were the small gains to be made from a playing career; there is a small hood, corresponding to the foreskin, which lies over the clitoris; reported cases are small in number; she left the small light on; the dictator himself contributed in no small measure to the enhancement of his image; such cases probably make up a very small minority of the total; all the small modifications should add up over a period of time to make major achievements; we will confine the story to s small number of topics: …; the presence of many other organisms in the stomach means that …; the number of differences generated in this way is certainly small; you might also allow yourself one small indulgence with food now and again; they made up only a very small percentage of the crowd; this uncertainty seems a small price to pay for the comfort of knowing that …; she rented a small room; interactions between cells occur on a small scale; they receive a small sentence for a lesser offence; our losses were again relatively small; we celebrated our small triumphs with bottles of rough wine; it is small wonder that the practice has grown up in recent years;
SYNONYMS: little, tiny, petite, slight, minute, teeny-weeny, miniature, under-sized, minuscule, mini, puny; minor, unimportant, trifling, trivial, insignificant, inappreciable, inconsequential; humble, lowly, modes, simple, poor, inferior, unpretentious; narrow, narrow-minded, petty, mean;
GERMAN: klein, gering, schmal, wenig, kleinlaut, schlecht, bescheiden, kleinlich;
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