This is a sample page from the updated version of
The Advanced Reader´s Collocation Searcher (ARCS)
by Horst Bogatz

HEADWORD: remain (above/ among/ as/ at/ below/ for/ from/ in/ of/ like/ near/ on/ throughout/ until/ with/ within) v.
NOUNS: activities, adult offspring, all, amateurs, antibody levels, Arab lands, art, authoritative conscience, background, beneficiary, birds, blood, body plan/ tests, bottom, Britain, British Empire/ monarch, business, candidate. carriers, Catholic nation, Catholics, cells, central preoccupation, centres of devotion, century, chronology, church, class(es), class alliances, clerics, clergy, communities, complex contradiction, complexity, computations, concern, considerable amount, contact, corresponding change, coups, CR, crises, culture, curvature scalars, deaf person, debate, deficiencies, degree, depletive pressure, devices, dictator, diet, discussion, distinct bodies, distinction, dominion, duality, economies, elaborately drawn wills, emphasis, equals, études, Europe, fact, fear, feature, fiction, first priority, football, forest, framework of society, fruitful area, fundamental truths, genre subject, government, group members, hard core, head, head of state, heart, hypothesis, ideological structures, implications, important reservations, individuals, infection of the fallopian tubes, influence, insistence, islands, issue(s), language, law, legacy, level, liver cells, love, loving daughter/ son, low esteem, loyalty, main point of contention, mainstay of treatment, major problems, male, manufacturing industry, memory, men's kin, mercury, merest speculation, morality, most important cause, much work, myth, nationalism, nature, necessary component, need, no one, nothing, number, objector, open question, orders, organizational influence, origins, opposite sex, paintings, patrons, pattern(s), people, person, playwrights, presbytery, previous transactions, pride, Prime Minister, problems, procedural constraints, progress zone, provocation, psychology, qualified defence, question of justice or fairness, rare people, rate(s), reader, realism, recalcitrant trustee, regimes, religious outlook, reserve of justice, responsibility, results, revolution, rights, Roman catholic clergy, roots, ruling passion, supply, saints, scientist, set of empirical findings, settlements, sidelines, social structure, socio-biology, species, standard drug, standard lectionary text, structures, subadult female cubs, suggestions, suspicion, symbol, synchrony, tablets, technicality, tendencies, themes, things, time, top, towns, toxic drug, trace(s), trance-like state, questions, unionism, untestable speculation, variable minority, volunteers, women, woodland, wordings, year;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: agrarian, alone, aloof, also, always, apparently, asleep, available, awake, behind, bounded, clouded, communal, confined, consequently, constant, content, convinced, correctly, crucial, decorative, dependent, difficult, distinct, distinguishable, dominant, dominated, enigmatic, extraordinary, extremely important/ vague, fairly, faithful, financially solvent, flexible, fixed, formative, governed, gregarious, habituated, handful, healthy, here, hidden, high, hitherto, home, hopeful, hospital, however, ignorant, illegal, inadmissible, independent, inevitably, inexplicable, insoluble, intact, isolated, just, known, largely, little affected, long, low, motionless, mutually exclusive, nationalistic, naturally, neutral, no longer, normally, now, obscure, opposed, outside, passive, permanently, politically, poorly understood, popular, positive, possible, possibly, powerful, powerless, present, purely speculative, quite composed, relatively strong, seated, separate, significantly, silent, sinful, slim, smaller, still, stoical, strong, subordinate, substantial, successful, suspect, steady, sweet, symptomless, then, there, thus, totally isolated, true, unaffected, unanswered, unchallenged, unchanged, unconscious, undecided, understudied, undiminished, undisturbed, undoubtedly, unformulated, unidentified, unknowable, unknown, united, unreformed, unresolved, unsatisfactory, usually, vague, valid, very much, viable, well known, worried, yet;
EXAMPLES: remain calm; remain seated!; she remained silent; I remain yours faithfully …; much remains to be done; nothing remains to be said; nothing remains but to accept; nonetheless there remain a number of misapprehensions; there would undoubtedly remain a considerable amount of discretion; he could no longer remain aloof from that question; this will remain an untestable speculation; things will remain as if it had never existed; he did not wish to remain as Prime Minister; a lot of deforested lands remain available; psychology has not been able to remain behaviourist; Britain tried to obtain a massive loan form the USA to remain financially solvent; much work might remain for the clergy; no one need remain ignorant; the relation of these tow activities will inevitably remain in the background of our work; the owner's rights as rights remain intact; liver cells remain like their parents; some jellyfish rise in the water to remain near the surface; volunteers remain on a constant routine for as many days as possible; the females remain passive; the nature of British Conservatism remains relatively under-studied; outwardly much appeared to remain the same; his decision evidently will remain the law; discussion of these various possibilities must remain viable; I remain your loving son Horst; what remains a problem is …; but there remains a …; it remains a matter for amazement to me that …; but the first point remains, and means that …; thus it remains for discussion whether it would not be preferable to …; there remains, however, a question of principle; the debtor remains in a sense owner; the world we see remains in itself mysterious; what remains is the suggestion that …; cancer remains, large, unconquered; this remains particularly so today; it remains possible that …; but the fact/ problem/ point/ impression remains that …; the argument remains to be made; further work remains to be done; it remains to be seen whether …; it now remains to ask what …; it remains to show, however, that …; much of this remains true today; the signal remains within the cell membrane; all that remains is for me to wish you every success; all that remains (for us to do) is to lock up; the fact remains that she is wrong; that remains to be seen; legacies remain always bound to the need for an heir to discharge them; but it remained for him to concentrate on his search; major problems remained; she remained in possession of the property; its nature remained obscure; they remained so throughout the nineteenth century; the legacy to him remained with the daughter; a reserve of justice remained with the Queen;
SYNONYMS: be left, stay behind, survive, last, be left over, abide, endure, prevail; wait, stay, tarry, linger; continue, perseiste in being;
GERMAN: bleiben, übrig bleiben, nur noch tun, nicht ändern;
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