These are examples of two entries on the collocations

"sensitivity training" and "sailing vessel".

They show that under synonyms you can find related words as well, i.e. a list of different kinds of psychotherapy or kinds of sailing ships.


HEADWORD: sensitivity training n.

VERBS: be, get, give, provide, receive; ADJECTIVES: intense, thorough; SYNONYMS: training group, T-group, sensory awareness training (SAT), consciousness raising, group sensitivity training, group relations training; group therapy, conjoint therapy, group psychotherapy; GERMAN: Sensibilitätstraining, Gruppentherapie;


HEADWORD: sailing vessel n.

VERBS: abandon, be, board, build, charter, christen, disembark, launch, load, navigate, refit, set sail, sink, unload; SYNONYMS: sailboat, sailing boat/ cruiser/ ship/ yacht, tall/ taunt ship, sailer, windjammer, windship, windboat; bark, brig, caravel, catamaran, clipper, corsair, corvette, dhow, fishing schooner, four-masted bark, frigate, full-rigged ship, galleon, keelboat, lugger, pirogue, schooner, sailing trawler, sampan, tea-clipper, three-master, topsail schooner, whaler, yacht; GERMAN: Segelschiff;