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HEADWORD: place (above/ against/ alongside/ among/ amongst/ as/ at/ before/ behind/ beneath/ between/ beyond/ for/ in/ on/ outside/ over/ under/ with/ within) v.
NOUNS: advert, advertisement, agreements, altar, ancients, announcement, antecedents, areas, assets, average, aviation, auspices, basilica, beam, black list, blame, bomb, bowl, boy, business services, Cabinet, cart, categories, category, cell nucleus, cells, cenotaph, chair, child, Christianity, church, clergy, clubs, cognition, competition, compilers, confidence, contact, constraints, context, control, critics, cue-ball, cultivators, dancer, development, difficult situation, divine author, door, drawing, earth, effects, employer, enormous pressure, father, fluid, food, foot, forks, fund, gatherers, gonococcus, goods, Government, guards, head, high premium, historians, history, horse, house, hunters, ideal, inadequate policing, interest, international authority, Islam, Judaism, layer, leading poets, league, leaks, liberals, limitations, list, local call, love, love of country/ family, magician, main emphasis, material things, matter, members, microscope slide, money, mother, music, nasal mucus, nature, newspaper(s), offence, oneís emphasis/ hand(s)/ lips/ throat, order, paper, Parliament, peace, people, person, phone call, piano, plate, portrayals, possession, predicament, proposals, publisher, race, rat(s), reach, real emphasis, record, reefer, regimes, relation, relationships, reliance, relics, responsibility, revolution, risk, role of culture, rows, runner, salary, sale, sample, sandwich, shops, shot, signposts, situation, s.o.īs accent/ credit/ hands/ mouth/ powers/ shoulder/ work, solid clump, solstice, special emphasis, stability, staff, stars, state, stone, strain, stress(es), surface layer, table, teacher(s), tension, text, time, time and space, timing, title, top, traditional social order, troops, trust, vase, viewer, virus particles, voice, water, weight of the explanation, , winter, works, writers, years;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: actually, also, better, correctly, dangerously, deliberately, firmly, first, fortunately, forward, here, high, horizontally, last, now, poorly, quite, second, slowly, suitably, there, third, traditionally, vertically, well;
EXAMPLES: I shall place the matter in the hands of a lawyer; Hobbes placed a high premium on peace and stability; people place too much importance on material things; no remainder or reversion, however, could be placed after a fee simple; the cells were placed as a solid clump in the sandwich; the offence of attempted murder should be placed at the top; I just canít place him for the moment; I canít quite place his accent; this was the ideal placed before the clergy; relics of martyrs should be placed beneath the altar; the problem of deliberate self-poisoning has placed enormous pressure on the staff; the BBC has placed great emphasis on control from the centre; he had placed himself on the side of legality; she placed a finger on her lips; virus particles were placed in the beam of electrons; the last act of the provoker may be placed in the context of the previous provocation; place the forks on the left and the knives on the right; the runner was placed third; they placed money at this credit; this is the last time we place any work with you; we are placed better now; we are well placed for the shops; it placed a strain on her; hunters and gatherers were placed low; the vase was dangerously placed; he placed his book with a publisherís; the 1977 White Paper placed stress on the wider effects of poverty; the sample is placed on the microscope slide; the compilers have placed the text in their title; the so-called ancients were better placed to acquire knowledge; the dancer slowly placed one foot forward; they were placed under an international authority; the servants are placed well within reach of an impartial sympathy; a number of similar portrayals should be placed with them; we place our family above all other concerns; they were well placed to observe the whole performance; I placed my trailer caravan at their disposal; we placed our books on the table; where do you place love in your list of priorities?;
SYNONYMS: position, locate, put (out), order, set (out), station, post, lay, pinpoint; classify, class, categorize, rank, group, grade, bracket, arrange; identify, recognize, recall, remember, associate; set, put give, assign;
GERMAN: setzen, stellen, legen, aufstellen, anbringen, in Stellung bringen, inserieren, plazieren, vorlegen, liegen, wohnen, stehen, sitzen, aussehen (mit), erteilen, abschließen, anmelden, deponieren, absetzen, unterbringen, anlegen, belegen, einordnen;
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