This is a sample page from The Adcanced Readerīs Collocation Searcher (ARCS)


HEADWORD: patient n.

VERBS: accept, accompany, admit to hospital, admit as, alienating oneself from, attempt suicide, benefit from, be asked to pay, be aware of, be home again, be labelled as, be terminally ill, be provided with, be treated privately, benefit, cause the patientīs death, choose, confront, cure, demonstrate the procedure to, die, discuss with, do damage to, do harm, draw a patientīs attention, enjoy, explain to, facilitate a patientīs grief, fail, feed, get actively involved, harm, have access to, help, injure oneself, kill, listen to, make the patient as comfortable as possible, maintain the patientīs comfort, make decisions on the patientīs behalf, make worse, need support, pay for, persuade, prepare, provide difficulties for, reassure, recover from, regard the patientīs decision, remove, require, rescue, reserve for, respect the wishes of, see, seek out, select, self-poison, suffer from, suit, survive, take an overdose, take care of, talk to, teach, tell, transfer, treat, understand, worsen the patientīs distress;

ADJECTIVES: admirable, ambulatory, cardiac, comatose, dying, each, every, first, hospital, individual, mental, one such, private, prospective, same, terminally ill;

EXAMPLES: he did indeed cure at least one patient; there is agreement with the patient about what is planned; good rapport between patient and therapist will be necessary; injections of penicillin failed to cure the patient; it is also important that the patient be provided with ...; to make decisions on the patientīs behalf; the wishes of the patient cannot be overstated; the patient considers the likely consequences; the patientīs death is not an evil to be avoided at all costs; the doctor must do as the patient directs; to help the patient to find solutions to his difficulties; finally, the patient himself asked that the doctors kill him; the patient is likely to continue coughing; the patient is beyond cure; the patient may not be abandoned/ discomforted; the patient may well be asked to ...; to keep s.o. informed about the patientīs progress; a patient seeks help; to help the patient to solve his own problems; the patient is waiting for a kidney transplant;

SYNONYMS: sufferer, invalid, case, valetudinarian;

GER: Patient, Patientin, Kranke, Kranker;