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HEADWORD: particular adj.
VERBS: be;
NOUNS: accident, account, activities, alternative, appeal, arrangements, aspects, attention, attributes, axons, belief, blind-spot, branch, cancer, care, cases(s), causes, cell(s), challenge, change, chapter, characteristic, characterization, choice, circle, circumstances, classes, club, combination, comment, components, conception, concern, conditions, copies, corner, course, crucial events, current issue, day(s), decomposition, details, development, difficulties, diffusion, direction, directive, diseases, distinguishing features, dread, effect(s), emphasis, enemy, soldiers, environment, estate(s), events, example(s), expectation, explicit solutions, extract, facts, family, favour, favourites, feature, feeding sites, field, flooring, focus, force, form, formality, forms, formulation, function, game, gene, genetic relatedness, genres, goal, groups, habitat, hardship, harm, historical circumstances/ genres/ events, hormone, hospital, idea, ideal, ideology, illness(es), importance, instances, interaction, interest, issue(s), judge, kind(s), knowledge, labels, language, law suit, legal rule, letter, level of precaution, life, life-style, lines, local player, location, manifestations, marks, material, mechanism, meetings, memes, men, merit, misfortune, modes, mouldings, moment, monarch, moral beliefs, movement(s), mutant, mutation, nature, nest, neurones, noun, nurses, occasion(s), omen, operation, opponent, organ, organism(s), orientation(s), part(s), path, pathway, patient, pattern, perceptions, persons, phenomenon, piece, place(s), point(s), problem(s), programme(s), protein, provision, qualities, questions, rank order, reactions, reason(s), regime(s), region(s), relevance, responsibility, risk, roles, room temperature, science, self-concept, sequence, services, set, signal, significance, site, situations, social context/ ill, societal structures, society, solution(s), song, source of danger, species, sports, stage, star, stimuli, story, strains, strand, strategies, style, substrate, tale, target, technique, technology, telephone number, temperament, terms, text, themes, theory, thing(s), threat, time(s), topics, treatment, truth, type(s), typologies, use(s), values, variant, version, view(s), vigour, viruses, week, woman, work(s);
ADVERBS: very;
EXAMPLES: in particular, a stimulus can come to acquire associative strength; my mother is always very particular about sex; he objects to the particular account of such knowledge; she may have found a figure of a particular appeal in him; particular attention should be paid to ...; it seems to me to be a particular blind-spot; particular care has been taken to try to ...; we speak of judgement in a particular case; to analyse this particular case further, consider ...; leaving aside the particular case, his statement illustrates the problem of ...; it was this particular characteristic that ...; the inpatient care of patients poses particular difficulties; he laid particular emphasis on those passages that ...; to take a particular example, an aspect of doctrine that ...; in the light of the/ these facts, the patient may be discomforted by the doctor’s conduct; a particular feature of such a view of what is just is that ...; it has found particular favour in the writings of ...; by going through a particular formality, a qualitatively different posture is presented by the parties; he had a particular goal for the school; one question of particular importance is whether ...; this implies in particular that ...; of particular interest to the historian is the question of continuity; this is the particular issue for debate at this meeting; the reliability of particular perceptions is indeed low; two particular points may be made about ...; it must be for good particular reasons; of particular relevance here are those offences which ...; these solutions have particular significance; in order for any particular solution to be appropriate to describe ...; it suited the particular story that ...; this particular text supports this conclusion;
SYNONYMS: special, peculiar, distinctive, defining, details; precise, exact, special; respective, per capita, several; special, express, specific, concrete;
GERMAN: besondere(r,s), vor allem, eigen, wählerisch, pingelig;