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HEADWORD: manner n.
VERBS: agree on, approach in, arise from, authorize in, be, be asked in, be established in, be laid out after, be limited in, be marked by, be obtained in, be pleased with, be pressed in, be specified in, be structured in, be taught in, be tendered in, be tested in, behave in, celebrate in, charge in, conceal, continue in, corrupt, determine, dominate in, facilitate in, find oneself in, get underway in, glower back in, go on in, have, increase in, keep in, meddle with in, mind, organize in, overlap in, proceed in, propose in, provide in, put on, say in, serve to, speak in, teach (in), treat in, use in, write in;
ADJECTIVES: arrogant, awkward, bad, bedside, boorish, born, businesslike, caricatural, casual, cavalier, certain, charming, cloying, coarse, conformist, controversial, conventional, courteous, crude, cursory, debonair, descriptive, dictatorial, flippant, forthcoming, friendly, full-blooded, gentle, good, gracious, grand, heedless, hit-or-miss, imperious, incisive, ingratiating, intriguing, kind, ladylike, linear, lively, matter-of-fact, mild, most graceful, non-conformist, normal, obnoxious, offhand, open, other, overbearing, personal, polished, polite, precise, pretentious, prim, professional, relaxed, rude, servile, sexual, same, similar, sheepish, slightest, slipshod, sloppy, speechifying, statesmanlike, stern, strategic, suave, sullen, surly, tutorial, unadorned, uncouth, unctuous, unfriendly, well-organized;
EXAMPLES: evil communications corrupt manners; other times, other manners; canít you teach him some manners?; have you forgotten your manners?; Iíve got all manner of things to do yet; it was just a manner of speaking; he writes dictionaries as to the manner born; he wrote novels/ comedies of manners; you can approach a better health in a relaxed manner; she has a very kind manner; all were tendered in the most graceful manner; she then went on in her speechifying manner; she taught him manners; she continued outwardly to behave in a conformist manner; no other had a right to meddle with it in the slightest manner, by no manner of means; thatís bad manners; he writes really well, in a manner that might suggest ...; his incisive manner of reporting is widely admired; God has created innumerable beings that serve to no manner of purpose; she had the manner of a conventional Lady Bountiful; she established a more consistent personal manner; the economic arguments were pressed in a manner most likely to bring about a re-assessment; she spoke in a measured, dignified manner; he put on his tutorial manner; she was businesslike in her manner; everything was done in a well-organized manner; she minded her manners; he is so pleased with the manner in which I show him off; deforestation will increase not in a linear manner, but ...; more controversial was the manner in which Germany turned the terms of trade;
SYNONYMS: way, method, style, fashion, proceedings, mode, approach, means; behaviour, bearing, deportment, conduct, attitude, aspect, mien; good form, etiquette, politeness, proprieties, politesse, civility, social code, conventions;
GERMAN: Art, Weise, Art und Weise, Stil, Verhalten, Wesen, Manieren, Benehmen, Umgangsformen, Sitte und Brauch;
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