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HEADWORD: judge (by/ from/ on) v.
NOUNS: Act, action(s), actual circumstances, age, amount, appearances, authorities, basis, behaviour, biographies, case(s), character, clergy, competition, court, Court of Appeal, defendant, description, distances, evidences, extent, facts, goals, government, gravity, idea, issue, judge, jury, laity, law, lawyer, letters, magistrates, manuscript circulation, matters, meaning, means, moment, normality, one’s claims/ merits/ own interests/ situation/ willingness, oneself, palaeontologists, people, performance, person(s), practical effects, principles, procedure, project, questions, seriousness, smell, speed, strength, surveys, therapist, value(s), width;
ADVERBS: always, competently, economically, essentially, fairly, first, harshly, impartially, independently, individually, invariably, leniently, mistakenly, monetarily, morally, perfectly, privately, politically, rationally, severely, similarly, socially, soon, sternly, truly, unexpectedly, well;
EXAMPLES: who am I to judge?; persons should be judged according to the intrinsic quality of their driving; distance is calculated and judged by means of these angles; a defendant should be judged on the facts; his advice was judged mistaken on its merits; the therapist judged that she had made a very serious attempt to kill herself; the risk of suicide is judged to be high; the result was soon judged unacceptable; we judge that she is the best candidate; she let me judge for myself; I judge Juliana to be fifty years old; we cannot judge whether she is guilty; judging by surveys and convictions they are largely white; we go in for such calculations in judging distances; we judge a defendant on the facts; he was charged with accepting bribes from people whose cases he had to judge; a normal adult is able to judge his own interests; how do you judge the lorry driver?; as far as I can judge she has ...; you can judge yourself which is better; I can’t judge whether he was right or wrong; it is not, however, for me to judge the issue here; we always judge them by their claims; he judged from the manner that he was guilty; Juliana judged the moment well; the agent has the best information to judge whether it is best to create the right or not; how would you judge him?;
SYNONYMS: adjudge, decide, find, settle, determine, pass judgement, rule, pass sentence, adjudicate; umpire, mediate, moderate, referee, arbitrate; believe, think, consider, guess, suspect, conclude, infer, conjecture;
GERMAN: die Verhandlung führen, verhandeln, urteilen, beurteilen, bewerten, Richter/ Punktrichter/ Kampfrichter sein, richten, ein Urteil fällen (über), halten für, erachten für, einschätzen, abpassen.
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