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HEADWORD: general adj.
VERBS: be;
NOUNS: ability, acceptance, agreement, anaesthesia, analysis, appearance, appreciation, approach, aspects, assembly, assumption, attempt, authority, awareness, behaviour, belief, case, categories, changes, character, checking, chores, chronology, class of solutions, clause, code, complaints, concentration, concept, conceptions, conclusion, condition, conformity, consensus, considerations, conviction, cult, cultural knowledge, data, debility, decrease, defence, definition, description, desires, deterrent argument, development, difference, direction, discussion, dispositions, divide, doctrine, dollar, shortage, duty, election, elements, encouragement, endangerment, enjoyment, enquiry, enterprise, ethos, evolutionary level, exposition, facilitatory effects, failure, fashion, fate, fate, fear, feature, feeling, forces, form, format, framework, grounds, guardian, guidelines, guide, habit, historical view, hospital, hypothesis, idea, immaterialism , immunity, importance, improvement, increase, integration, intention, interest, interpretation, irregularities, issue, itinerant, knowledge, lack of interest, ladder of offences, language, law, legacy, legal rules, lesson, limits, malaise, mechanisms, medical ward, medicine, method, moral principles, morality, muddle, name, nature;
ADVERBS: algebraically, also, both, completely, essentially, however, more, most, only, sufficiently, too, totally, very;
EXAMPLES: there is a general acceptance/ agreement/ assumption that it is ...; the same general analysis goes some way toward explaining why ...; the official responses to the riots took a general and specific form; the hope of an early peace had been too general; some further general aspects of cases involving ...; there was no general attempt to ...; in the more general case, however, they are complex; thus a general class of solutions can be obtained by considering ...; it is this more general class of solutions that is considered in this section; it is more important here to underline an important general characteristic which ...; the general clause has converted them into trusts; the Middle Ages developed no general concept of progress; general conformity brought the age of hypocrisy to an end; the general data presented by him are undeniable; the same applies to the general deterrent argument; the Conservative party was clearly losing three general election defeats in a row; there is a feeling that ...; the most general form of this view is that ...; there appears to have been a general feeling among them that ...; in general, growth is a moulding process; we can form still more general ideas; some general legal rules do exist; one of the most general of these is that ...; this result is quite a general one; it is in this general perspective that ...; the second general point is that ...; two other general points also emerge from the discussion of ...; such a projection does not in general preserve causal relations; will there be any general principle that is true of all life?; there are, however, some general questions to which at least a partial answer can be given; there is no general rule which ...; the more general situation is presented by the cases which ...; in this case a general superposition of solutions is possible; in general terms that is true; consider the case in a general way;
SYNONYMS: common, accepted, prevailing, communal, universal, global, shared; inclusive, comprehensive, overall, unrestricted; ordinary, normal, customary, familiar, usual, everyday, unspecified; assorted, mixed, heterogeneous, diversified, extended, sweeping, catholic, composite, mongrel, combined, panoramic; vague, loose, ill-defined, generalized, undetailed, non-specific; approximate;
GERMAN: allgemeine, generell, General-, Voll-, Haupt-, Ober-;
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