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HEADWORD: exist (between/ for/ in/ on/ towards) v.

NOUNS: activities, animal(s), antiseptics, arguments, arrangement, art galleries, association, attitudes, back pains, bodies, borderline, brain, calendars, capitalism, cases, categories, certainty, chance, cheats, choice, churches, circumstances, civilization, class, classification, clear case, climate, cognition, combination(s), communications, community, computers, concept, conditions, connections, consciousness, constitution, control, co-ownership, co-parency, crimes, culture(s), debt, decoding device, defences, description, discrete species, distribution, divorce law, doubts, drawing, duties, elements, embryos, enclave, entertainment, entities, estate(s), examples, facility, farmlands, features, feedback, finite time, forms, free will, friendship, function(s), gangs, gap, gays, gender relations, genes, God, good relations, government, groups(s), hegemonic functions, hope, hostility, human race, ideas, incompatibility, increase, individuality, industry label, institution(s), intermediates, investment, issue, joint ownership, journals, legal concept/ device/ doctrine/ framework/ principles/ relationship/ rules, legislation, lesbians, link(s), literature, maps, marriage, material things/ world, matter, means, men, microbes, minds, models, moral right, nature, needs, network, nuclear plants, observation, opportunities, organism(s), organs, partner(s), partnership(s), parallels, pattern, penalty, people, perceptions, period, person, point, political unit, policies, policy, pores in the skin, possibilities, potential, precedents, predators, prejudice, pressure groups, principles, private property, preparations, programmes, prohibition, Protestants, provocation, relationship, rentcharges, republicanism, research, resources, restraints, right(s), segregation distorters, selfishness, semantics, sensible thing, set, sexual reproduction/ species, similarity, singularities, size, social structure, society, solution, soul, space, spirit, spiritual realm, stage, state, striking similarities, structure, studies, subsocieties, substances, suicide pact, system(s), tangible objects, technological development(s), television, tenancy, theory, therapies, time, time-cues, tradition, tribal structures, true altruism, trust, tune, unions, universe, values, variety, vertebrates, view, viruses, vocational schools, work(s), world order, world of meanings/ things, writs, youth clubs/ hostel;

ADVERBS: actually, already, always, as well, at all, clearly, commonly, conceivably, doubtless, however, in common, indefinitely, independently, long, materially, momentarily, normally, never, no longer, not yet, only, physically, possibly, potentially, practically, previously, separately, simply, simultaneously, socially, solely, still, undoubtedly;

EXAMPLES: there had existed a stage where ...; the marriage is treated as if it had never existed; order can exist without the state; a suicide pact exists where two or more people reach an agreement which ...; extreme examples exist when ...; there exist two different types of character; hostility and prejudice exist towards homosexuality; both, however, exist to ...; only observation itself exists; a solution of these equations is known to exist; intermediates never did exist; there did exist the ...; where there exists such a ...; they simply existed side by side; mankind has existed solely by hunting; there still exists some considerable division of opinion; the government will cease to exist; the old certainty no longer exists; a post-lunch increase in error exists; the community exists only in the mutual relation of the individual landowners; a goal so far exists only in thought; the problem exists of ...; I should say it existed; ... nor can it be said not to exist; time does not exist in its own right; God and mind do exist; a link exists between body temperature and the sensation of fatigue;

SYNONYMS: be, endure, live, breathe; stay alive, survive, get along; occur, happen, be present, persist;

GERMAN: existieren, bestehen, leben, überleben, vorkommen;

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