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HEADWORD: change (according to/ among/ at/ back/ during/ for/ into/ through/ over/ to/ with/ within) v.
NOUNS: ability, address, adhesion, adult, agricultural society, amount of dust, arrangements, appointment, aspects, associability, athlete, author, bed, behaviour, better, bewildering rapidity, boundary conditions, brands, brightness, buses, capability, capitalism, care, cells´ behaviour, casual wear, centuries of intolerance, chameleon, character, circumstances, clerical control, climate, clothes, code, colour, community, concentration, consequences of a stimulus, constitution, context, contours, country, course, cultural instruction, culture, curvature singularity, debates, decimal system, direction(s), disease, dollars, eating habits, economic system, emphasis, evolution, father right, food, food-gathering, form, function, furniture, gauge, genes, genetic information, global climate, glycine, government, history of mankind, horizon, hormonal balance, horses, hour or so, housework, humanity, human nature, ideas, issue, job, jurisdiction, jurisdictional scheme, kin terms, larva, latent inhibition, law, laws of gravity, legitimacy, level, level of arousal, life, life-style, lodgings, manners, mechanism, membership, ministry, molecule, money, mood, name, nappy, nationality, natural selection, nature, nervous system, next station, normative situation, oil, one's attitude/ behaviour/ birth certificate/ character/ colour/ decision/ exercise programme/ fate/ food preferences/ meal times/ mental characteristics/ mind/ times/ tune/ view/ opinion/ habits/ clothes/ seat/ shopping habits/ socks/ style of dress/ tune/ will, outcome, papal reform, parents, parts, pattern of social life, patriliny, people, person, perspective, pessimism, places, plates (at table), policy, posture, practice, pre-exposure, preoccupation, procedure, process, profile, property, reason, record, reforms, relation, response, revolution, rhythm, rights and duties, room, rule of descent, sequence, sex, shape(s), sheets, sides, signals, situation, size, social attitudes/ barbarism/ civilization/ structure/ system, society, spirit, stage, standing orders, strategy, stroke, structure(s), style of eating, subsequent development, surface markings, tactics, terms of value, texture, theory, things, timing, trains, treatment, trial, type, universe, vaginal discharge, value-system, variables, war economy, way, weight, wheel, world, worry;
ADVERBS: actively, actually, also, always, biologically, centrally, clearly, climatically, completely, consistently, contextually, continually, culturally, cyclically, decisively, deeply, developmentally, drastically, entirely, even, frequently, fundamentally, generically, genetically, historically, immensely, importantly, manifestly, morphologically, never, normally, noticeably, occasionally, only, particularly, perpetually, politically, possibly, probably, profoundly, progressively, purposefully, quickly, radically, rarely, really, rhythmically, sharply, significantly, socially, spiritually, subtly, technologically, visibly;
EXAMPLES: the presence of a small amount of dust will change a horizon into a curvature singularity; morals and laws should also change according to the social and economic system; it is possible to change; a thing may change and yet remain the same thing; concepts of security do not change among the small community of men; most people fail to change because they know little about weight control; they can also change character; they change direction; this person is expected to change; expect that things will change for the better; the care given must change from treating for living to treating for dying; he tried to persuade her to change her mind; God does not change his will by the incarnation; emission rates may change in response to global warming itself; one stage should change into another; he is likely to change somewhat; system of kinship terms change less easily than marriage systems; more atmospheric presences will change nothing; it would be an improvement to change one particular glycine to proline; sometimes we want to change the timing of our life-style; it is not possible to change the laws of gravity; what motivates you to change?; structures change their functions in the course of evolution; just try to change to better food; the state of our minds does not appear to change; all that would change with the reform; we don not want to change your shopping habits; they changes back to peacetime production; Great Britain changed over to the decimal system; to change the subject; to change hands; to change one's tune; to change trains/ buses at; to change a baby's nappy/ the sheets/ the bed/ one's seat; two people change over; to change over from one thing to another; would you change the record?; to change places with s.o. to change gear; all change! to change horses in midstream; to change s.o. into; a chameleon can change its colour; to change for else; you've changed;
SYNONYMS: reverse, revert, turn; alternate, cycle, oscillate, rotate, shift, switch; alter, commute, convert, improve, modernize, modify, mutate, transfer, transfigure, vary, bring about, carry; adjust, catalyze, refashion; replace;
GERMAN: wechseln, (sich) ändern, umsteigen, (sich) verändern, verwandeln (in), tauschen, umtauschen, einwechseln, auflegen, sich umziehen, schlaten, umspringen, übergehen (auf), herunterschalten, höherschalten, (sich) umstellen (auf), umräumen, umstellen;