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HEADWORD: become (for/ like/ of) v.
NOUNS: abbot, abnormality, accepted medium, acquired behaviour, act, adjunct, adult, age, agency, agent, amounts, air supremacy, analysis, animal(s), anointed king, anthropologists, antiviral agent, approaches, archbishopric, architect(s), article of faith, aspect(s), assessment, association, attenuated living vaccines, avant-garde, auditory cues, aunt, autonomous communities, bearable procedure, bed, beliefs, bench, biochemistry, bird(s), bishop, bloodbath, blood vessels, boarding school, bones, both sides, boyhood friend, brother, burden, cathedral church, Catholic, cell(s), central document, centre, certain position, chemistry, child, children, Christian era, Christian(s), churchwarden, cities, classic, classic description, clergy control, cold sores, college, colonies, commonplace, common name, compound, compulsion, continuing tradition, controller, convert, county, course work, creator, critical stimuli, cult, custom, cybernetics, cycles, cytoplasm, data, daughter, day, dean, dependent group, developing foetus, dictator, director, disease, distant figure, doctor, dominant issue/ majority, dormant genes, drawn elevations, effects, embodiment, embryo, emperor, engine, enterprise, erotic symbols, estate, evidence, evil, exceptional woman, exploitable group, facilities, factories, family member/ custom, father, favourite holiday place, fellow, ferocious biters, fixed element, focus, folds, folklore objects, footballer, forest(s), formation of ideas, fossil fuel, future estate, game, gap-filling, form(s), frequent visitor, genes, Germany, ghettos, god, good reason, grey ladies, habits, handicap, happiness, head, Head of Government, help, heresy, holy place, honorary secretary, honours, horseman, housekeeper, idea(s), important forum/ part, increasing numbers, independent school, insider(s), institutions, interdependent components, issue of life and death, jurisdiction, jury, key theme, king, habit, highly visible presence, history, homeland, Homo Sapiens, hope, housing, individual, issue(s), kind of sport, king, lake, law, lecturer, leisure enterprise, literature, loss, major element/ influence/ problem/ sponsor, marketable commodities, martyr, mass protest, member, men, method, military estate, millionaire(s), minor entertainment, misleading labels, mixture, money-minded businesswoman, monk, month, mother, multitude, nation, nature, nonzero sum game, notion, nuisance, nun, offspring, object of representation, observation, older remedies, one’s body/ complexion, operating pattern, oriental mysticism, outstanding sportsman, ovaries, overdose, part, partnership, passage of time, patient, peasant community, penicillin, people, people of God, permanent organization/ part, person, phases, place, plan, poet, point, polarization, policy, political expression, polytheism, portable screens, porter, possibility, practice, present estate, president, pressures, priest, prime factor, priority, problem, professor, prohibition on divorce, professional, project, proletariat, property, prophet, prostitute, protective formulae, protector, Protestant, psychiatrist, public, public school, queen, radio-biology, rallying point, rarity, reactants, reader(s), realities, reality, reformer, regular feature, relics, religion, research, rhythms of food intake, rigid container, rite of passage, Rome, scale, school, section(s), segments, seminal vesicles, sensitive issue, separati0n, sessions, sexual relations, significant date, silk, sister, situation, skin, sleep, slogan, social worker, son, s.o.´s ruin, source, source of strength, spectacle, spinster, spirited boy, standards of competition, star, status, strategies, streptomycin, strut, student, study, stylistic evolution, subject, success, successful strategy, substance, supporter(s), surgery, symbol, synapses, systems, table, tangible movable goods, teacher trainer, technique, telephonist, television reporting, tendency, term, testes, themes, theological discourse, theory, therapy, things, topic, topos, town(s), trade-offs, tragic sequence of events, trend, trusts, unchallenged teacher, useful drug, uses, treasurer, uncle, university, web, week, weight control, wide conflagration, widely recognized science, wild young man, white elephant, women, women’s wishes, worker, writer, year;
ADJECTIVES/ADVERBS: absorbed, accustomed, activated, acute, again, aligned, already, also, apparent, associated, available, aware, big(ger), binding, blocked, blurred, breathless, cancerous, capable, Catholic, central, chaotic, clear, clearly, closely allied/ coalesced, cold(er), concerned, confused, context-dependent, convinced, criminally liable, deeply concerned, defined, denser, densely bunched, detached, developed, different, difficult, disturbed, diurnal, dominated, drowsy, due, elaborated, embroiled, engaged, equal, erratic, especially depressive, essential, established, eventually, ever, evident, exacerbated, excoriated, extinct, extremely coercive/ painful, far and away the most successful, familiar, famous, fat, final, finally, financially dependent, firmly attached, first, fit, fixed, fossilized, fully established, fused, gradually, great, hard(er), healthy, Hellenized, highly specialized, holy, hot, hysterical, ill, immediately, immensely important, immune, important, impossible, inactive, incarnate, incestuous, inclined, incorporated, increasingly alienated/ common/ difficult/ frustrated/ important/ incompatible/ interested/ necessary/ professional/ relevant, indeed, ineffective, ineffectual, infected, influenced, ingrained, inseparably linked, inspired, integrated, interdependent, interesting, interwoven, intracellular, invested, involved, irregular, irritable, just, large(r), later, legally possible, less effective/ frequent/ interested/ regular/ responsive/ theoretical/ valuable, liable, linked, little, known, marked, mixed up, more active/ concerned/ difficult/ elastic/ important/ meaningless/ numerous/ obvious/ prominent/ relevant/ religious/ socially skilled/ zealous, much easier, muddled, mutualistic, narrow(er), necessarily, necessary, never, noticeable, notorious, not usually/ yet, now, numerous, obsessional, often, old(er), organized, otherwise, over-dependent, overfull, overlaid, particularly valuable, partitioned, payable, perceptible, possible, practically obsolete, prescriptive, present, probably, problematic, productive, prominent, publicly accountable/ known, quickly, quieter, quite alarmed/ concerned/ peripheral, radiant, random, rapidly, reactivated, readily available, really, recently disillusioned, redundant, reliant, remote, reorganized, resistant, rich, rife, rooted, rotted, scarce(r), securely integrated, sensitive, separated, seriously unbalanced, set, sharply distinguishable, significant, simply, since, slim(mer), slow(er), sore, sorry, specialized, strict, somewhat despondent/ withdrawn, soon, stale and hackneyed, stationary, strikingly radical, strong, strong enough, stronger and stronger, strong-willed, subjugated, submerged, subordinated, suddenly, superfluous, surrounded, suspicious, swollen, symbiotic, tedious, then, therefore, tightly bunched, tired, transparent, true, turbulent, unafraid, unbounded, unemployed, uniformly distributed, unsatisfactory, unrecognizable, unshakeable, upset, vacant, very cheerful, vicious, violent, visible, vulnerable, used, usually, warm, well, well known, wholly dominated, widely used;
EXAMPLES: a spirited boy became a wild young man; it became a central document in the deliberations; heresy became a kind of revolt akin to reason; thus began what became a routine; that too became a most useful habit; it became a major element in the teaching; for others it became an issue of life and death; luckily penicillin became available; it later/ soon became clear that ...; later/ finally/ gradually it became clear that ...; animal viruses became easier to study; the police quickly became embroiled; they became highly specialized arboreal forest-dwellers; partnership became his slogan; both sides became intent on securing a draw; he also became involved in ...; he became more aware that ...; prostitutes became necessary as a result of monogamy; it therefore became necessary to ..; that is why it became of interest to ...; friendship finally became possible for him; I became quite concerned about what was happening to her; within European intellectual tradition, conscious awareness, the soul, became the seat of all that is angelic in Man; I really became upset; their rules of life became yardsticks of Christian living which influenced lay people; she’s becoming a problem?; what will/ has become of it/ her?; it has become a habit/ duty/ custom/ nuisance; she's becoming a problem; I don't know what will become of her/ him; their religion could itself become a source of prestige; it will become a game for them; this was going to become a habit; this was to become a celebrated and controversial rite of passage; this had already become a subject of crucial significance in England; subjects become able to respond to aspects of the cues; non-Anglican Protestants have become accepted as citizens in England; diffusion will cause things to become all mixed up; this assessment may become an important part of strategy; adultery therefore should be seen for what it has become, an act of sexual conduct which takes on a symbolic character; these auditory cues should become associated with food; they become binding on him; do you ever become breathless?; she does not become criminally liable; how do cells become different?; she had recently become engaged; it will become evident that ...; you could probably become far more healthy by ...; then we are forced to try and define with care the point at which handicap does become good reason; she had become increasingly alienated from her father; stimulus elements that are experienced together will become linked; as I grow older I become more religious in a private way; this problem has become more obvious; you will become more of a busy, dynamic person; they allow themselves to become nothing; it had become possible to demonstrate ...; twins have become the rule; the myth has become unshakeable; British cities seem posed to become yet more turbulent;
SYNONYMS: be converted into, grow to be, turn into/ to, change into, alter into, run/ fall/ pass into, slide/ glide into, grow into, ripen into, develop/ evolve into, merge/ melt/ blend into, shift into, lapse into, open into, resolve itself/ settle into, come round to; originate, take/ have origin, be born, take birth, come into the world, come to be, get to be, see the light of day, rise, arise, take rise, take its rise, come forth, issue, issue forth, come out, spring/ crop up; acquire; suit; befit;
GERMAN: werden, anfangen, stehen, sich schicken für;
The entry in the BBI (Student´s Dictionary of Collocations) is:
become v. 1. (d;intr) to ~ of (what became of her?) 2. (formal) (R) it doesn´t ~ you to speak like that 3. (S) she became a teacher; to ~ depressed
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